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Hello, My name is Robert J Schultze(but you can call me Rob), and I make photographs. My work focuses on characters, unique people and the stories they tell. 
I grew up in rural Wisconsin and was obsessed with art in all forms. Writing, photography, painting, movie-making. My parents couldn't afford a video camera so they bought me a 35mm Vivitar point-n-shoot. I became obsessed. After shooting weddings and senior photos all over the midwest, I moved to California and studied commercial photography at AAU in San Francisco. After assisting for 2 years I started my own company and have since worked with magazines, companies, and design firms all over the united states.

Partial list of Clients //

LinkedIn // GoPro // California Home and Design // San Francisco Magazine // Oakland Magazine // 7x7 // Four Two Nine Magazine // Trademark Productions // Luxe Cultura // Mashable // SFWIRE // GLIDE // The San Francisco Chronicle // SF Community Consortium // 

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