Portraits of the 99%

What started as a simple portrait series turned into a 4 month, 22 city and 10,000 portraits project. The goal was to show that the people involved in the movement were ordinary people, not radicals, not people living on the outskirts of society. To avoid any sort of restrictions, this project was crowd-funded and eventually published in a wide range of print, web and broadcast media.

Faery Worlds

A study of the people who attend the Faery Worlds festival in Oregon, and a look at the juxtaposition of these same people at Faery Con in a high-rise Seattle hotel.

These Final Days

My mother Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and underwent multiple surgeries and treatments in a 7-year period of time. After a brief period of remission in 2013, the cancer had returned in a rare form and was very aggressive. She was given 14 months to live and after nearly a year of intensive treatment she chose to stop stating that it degraded her quality of life too much. She died on December 26th, 2017 at 9:30am in her home.

Blood and Honor

In the sleepy California beach-side town of Half Moon Bay lies a very unique organization where it's members train in medieval combat, build their own steel swords and armor and compete in full contact competition. They're called the Western Circle Sword Fighters and they are a very unique breed of people.

Family Portraits

An ongoing series that explores my family history through simple, graphic portraits of my extended family.


Time spent in domestic and foreign lands.

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